assortment of  home inspection reports

Here are some random examples of our inspection reports. These are actual inspection reports that have not been altered or doctored in any way except to protect privacy.  Final Analysis does not engage in, or permit deceptive or misleading internet marketing practices.

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Your report will be similar to these examples. Containing links, photos, video, etc. There will be NO hidden fees or surprise cost during the inspection.

Reports are stored and backed up for 10 years on our secure servers. They can be viewed from any computer or internet device at any time.. All reports can be downloaded, saved to your computer, printed, emailed, forwarded, shared, burned to CD, converted to PDF or sent Us mail. There are no delivery format restrictions.

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Custom builder Home inspection report

Home Seller Listing  / Sales Inspection

Sell your home faster, for more money and less aggravation. Many sellers are now getting home inspections to Identify problems to their advantage and get their home in top notch condition before the buyer shows up. These inspections come with a Free warranty, Free re-inspection and ASHI certificate of compliance.  see report

Custom builder Home inspection report

Home Seller Builders Inspection

Many builders are now getting home inspections to Identify problems on systems, products and sub-contractor workmanship in order to ensure their buyers are getting a quality home. Builders who are getting these pre-sale inspections are confident in their work and want to be pro-active about customer satisfaction.  see report

Vintage Home inspection report

Home buyer Old Home Inspection

Old and antique home are our specialty. These old homes are beautiful and come from an era when quality craftsmanship was normal. But they are still old and housing technologies have changed greatly over the years. There are many pitfalls in old homes that just aren't acceptable anymore. It's very important to know that the structure is sound and the systems have evolved to meet modern requirements of safety and performance.   see report

Rehab house inspection report


Rehab townhouse inspection report


Home buyer Rehab or Remodel Inspection (flipped property)

Many people buy distressed properties with the intention of rehabilitating and selling for profit. 9 times out of 10 these properties are a mess. Simply because the owners doing the work don't have to be experienced licensed contractors and are not subject to any building standards. They typically don't use professionals as that would eliminate their profit margins.

   report# 1 House          report#2  Townhouse

After purchase inspection report

Home Owner Post Purchase Inspection (after closing)

Some people get an inspection after they close on the home purchase because they want to know what condition the home is in and any repairs needed. (This particular house was inspected just weeks after the closing. Unfortunately there where several thousands in repairs needed that the sellers may have repaired if the inspection was done before closing. Although the buyer paid much more than he should have, a late inspection that reveals serious problems is better than no inspection at all) see report

Commercial Inspection Commercial inspections are done for many reasons but all for the basic business purpose of cost prudence and investment protection. Perhaps it's a retailer about to sign a 3-5 year lease on a store front or maybe a management company who is responsible for maintenance and upkeep. We do all commercial inspection ranging from new steel buildings and antiquated city building, partial evaluations, specialty inspections and processes. Our inspections and reports can be customized to your specific needs.


quality home inspection service

Final Analysis Home Inspection
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